Ctrl+Space doesn't work

Sorry to bother about such thing like this. But my problem is a little bit strange.
Every hotkey except for Ctrl+Space is working in Blender. Why not this one?
Hotkeys are most critical to me when working with computers… and to change manipulator tool is a very essential thing in a 3d-application like blender.

I’m running windows (probably what’s causing it ofcourse :() on a HP laptop - DV8377.
In addition to the “default” programs, I have utorrent, FlashGet and OpenOffice running in the taskbar. I don’t know if any of those programs is causing the problem, most likely - they are not. Because I have tried closing every one of those programs.

I don’t remember if this hotkey has ever worked on this laptop because I usually work with my desktop computer. But if someone has encountered this problem before and solved it - I’m being very happy to receive an answer.


Win XP Pro works fine, On a Dell laptop.

Would you happen to have your system configured for multiple input languages?

Would you happen to have your system configured for multiple input languages?
Yes I have. Swedish and English. Please, do you have a solution?

I have almost managed to make the hotkey “work”, but I have to press the ‘windows’ button too.:eek: I played a little bit with the language settings in windows but nothing happened that make it work as it should in blender…

Maybe I could try an external keyboard to see if that helps. Who knows…

Sorry to reply so late.

When you configure multiple input formats Windows automatically enables some keyboard shortcuts to switch languages. I think Ctrl+Space is one of them. Go back to the control applet and disable all the keyboard shortcuts to get your blender shortcut key back.

There’s no other way, alas. Personally, I can’t stand the OS making decisions about global shortcuts for me, so I disable them anyway and just use the little button at the end of the taskbar if I want to switch languages…

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your tips, but it doesn’t work. I agree on the “OS does as it wants” thing… really frustrating sometimes.

Ah, well… It could have been worse. Not every 3d program have so many
options to manipulate stuff as Blender has. :cool:

Thanks again.

I had the same problem once, until i noticed my language settings were changing instead of Blender. Nyah, have to live with it, since i dun remember being able to disable the language hotkeys altogether - Windows have to have at least one hot key enabled i think.