Ctrl + V problem

Now there has been for 3 days that super high poly brick wall that appears in my scene every time I accidentally click CTRL + V. And it makes my computer very slow every time. This is not how the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V should be working. Those files should be destroyed when I close my computer or copy something else, like this text, not being in my cache for weeks.

Sry for bumping up, but am I really only one here who has the same problem?

From my understanding Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V performs a copy/paste to buffer command in object mode (as opposed to copy/paste to clipoard). AFAIK this is supposed to be used to copy/paste objects from one Blender instance to another - I guess this requires the buffer to be somewhat “permanent”.

For a copy/paste operation within the same file, why don’t you just use Shift-D?
That’s only one key combo instead of two.

Yeah, I use Shift + D (and alt + D) all the time, but sometimes I need to copy something from the another file and for this the function is very good, a lot better than append. Except that problem where the file is for ever in “the buffer”. At least it would be cool to change the settings so I can make the buffer to be automatically cleared after every copy and paste operation, or something like that.