CTRL+Z in Console window reverts files in Text editor to last saved state

Has anyone had this problem where you’re testing things out in the console and you accidentally do something where you hit enter and you get an ellipsis as though the console is expecting more input or a closing parenthesis or some such? And when this happens you want to break out of it? Having used the Python IDLE back in the day, I was used to ctrl-Z or ctrl-D allowing breakout of loops or running code.

Anyway, I looked in the User preferences “Input” panel for console and text editor and could nothing associated with these aside from ctrl-d duplicating a line in text editor mode.

While I have a way to work around this in the future, but does anyone know:

  1. is this a bug… erm… I mean feature?
  2. is there a way to bring back my work? shift+ctrl+z (REDO) is not working.

if anything, saving early and often seems to be my best defense against these blunders.

Thanks anyone who has run into this before.

The undo system is flawed when it comes to the text editor, would consider it a known bug.