Now, I’m not a one to advertise or anything like that, but this site has helped me out a TON lately with digital painting and theory, it’s aimed at Photoshop generally, but almost all of the techniques apply to Gimp/Krita/Mypaint etc. I think it will help a lot of artists out for their digital work, not so much the 3D side or Blender but it’s still well worth checking out.


I go to that site almost every freakin’ day awesome site. I love how short his videos are and how on point the are. 5 to 10 minutes one topic and than its over if you are a beginner at digital painting that is a site to bookmark. I have taken big steps in my digital painting because of the stuff Matt puts out I brought one of his bundles and I will get the others too but he mostly has free videos so you can learn without spending.

his stuff IMHO is better than 90% of the video tutorials out there where you just watch someone sketching something with maybe some hints on how you do this and that.

+1. His pay for Greyscale Coloring videos are really good, I’d highly recommend them.

Nice, looks like a lot of good info there, thank you.