Hi everyone,

My girlfriend asked the other day if I could make a new background for her phone so I made this tribute to cubes and cartoon purpleness. If lazily intersecting geometry makes you cringe then it’s probably not for you but otherwise feel free to use it yourself if you want a change of background for a bit. Modelled in blender using mainly particles and rendered in Cycles using mainly trial and error. Bit of post-pro in Gimp.



EDIT: Blend file now available at


Great composition and nice colours. Very pleasant for eyes :slight_smile:

best regards, paulina.

Nice!!! I love this!

Very nice! Looks like a great phone background. :slight_smile:

Love it, great job! :slight_smile:

It’s really nice, and well composed. Good job it really caught my eye when scrolling past it

this is very easy on the eyes gj! I really like it.

Is there anything particular with the shader on the cubes?

Thanks for the comments!

Alvarocgi yes the cubes use a simple diffuse shader, but the colour is made slightly different for each instance by using an Object Info node and colour ramp - connecting the ‘Random’ output to the ramp makes each object take a different colour on the gradient. There’s also a Layer Weight node being used to lighten the edges of the cubes by using the ‘facing’ value to mix with a lighter colour. I’ve attached an image of the nodes so you can see (this is for the pink central cubes. The others use a more blue/purple colour ramp).


Nice…pretty nice colours, I would try the purple instead of blue. But still its nice

Thanks for sharing the shading!

Can you post the .blend file?

Lovely colors!

Thanks again, didn’t expect so much positive feedback!

Welcome to the site ZChem, yes I’ve uploaded the .blend to the following address:

(The scene’s pretty messy but should make sense eventually. Most of the background is in layer 1, the camera in layer 2 and the pink cubes in layer 4 as this made them easier to work with, so make sure these layers are selected before rendering)

If anyone does anything interesting with this please post the result here as I’d love to see what you come up with.


Wow, thats so simple but so effective. I first thought it was some clever array work but the particles are cool. Any chance of a screeny?

Looks really good. The composition is great, the color scheme and the simplicity of the scene (cubes) looks awesome!