Cube contest! Win $50

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the contest.

In this contest I would like artists to create two cubes made in both 3d and 2d Animation using unique or inventive textures. These cubes must hold one letter each. One cube, in both a 3d and 2d version, containing the letter ‘X’ and the other cube, both 3d and 2d versions, containing the letter ‘O’. The dimensions should remain as a perfect cube and do not have to differ far from the default blender template, if at all, but ideally the resolution should be high enough so that it can retain it’s look if scaled down to a minute size (i.e. 1920x1080 res.). Sounds simple? Good your halfway their. The only true constraint for this contest is that all of the tile letters must remain with glowing letters. One with a Glowing colored ‘X’ on all 4 sides, and, another with a glowing colored ‘O’ on all 4 sides. (Obviously the 2d does not need to be four-sided). The color choice and texture would be up to your discretion but for this I am looking for anything that is atheistically pleasing to the eye. Something to keep you engaged when it is viewed. Inventive textures are encouraged (i.e. wood textures, metallic textures, spongy textures., etc.) yet a plain stream lined look is also encouraged as well. As long as the cube has character I am interested. (An rough example has been attached to illustrate the cube, please render a full scale model, unlike the example, upon contest entry.)

All entries are to be bounced to png or jpeg. to be reviewed. Entries will be accepted from May 27th- June 4th AND WINNERS will be announced JUNE 6TH. The Grand Prize starts at $50.00

(runners-up shall be compensated: $35.00 for 2nd place finish, and $25.00 for 3rd place finish)

Please remember to mark your images so that none of your contest works are used without your consent.

Entries can be posted to further your chances of public support within this thread but that is at your own discretion.

Serious responses only. IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS STYLE OF CONTEST, I would like to Thank You for viewing this post, but, all other concerns are not desired. If you find this forum out of place please notify the moderator of your concern(s).

Their are no current entry limits but in the interest of fairness, entries from various users will be considered for the top slot finish in each place.

Please make sure you own the rights to your contest entry works. All rights to winning contest entries and images shall be transferred for exclusive rights as of prize claims. If you are not selected as a winner you rights to the images are retained as your own exclusive work(s). All winners will receive money winnings electronically via a secure website such as paypal. Thank you in Advance for your time and I am eager to see what creativity arises.


Please explain what you want more clearly…

Sure. All I want is a 3d version and a 2d version of texturized cube with the Letters X and O written on the cube. It could look like a silver metallic cube, or the cube could look like that of Mummy bandaging. Any style of texture to a cube.

Nice Luca! Good work.

Any other skins. Maybe a wood texture or Mummy bandage wrap. These are great.

This is my entry… :slight_smile:

NICE! Alright I think we have our contest at an end. I appreciate you guys for contributing and it looks like many missed out on an awesome opportunity. I will have the results for you two very soon.

Okay! Great! PS: I was wondering if I could post this on CG Trader for the amount of money that you choose (1st or 2nd place) and you could purchase it there?

Modeling cubes isn’t one of my big passion but your two cubes are cool.

Alright, it was a tough decision but after careful deliberation the winner is … Joey Blendhead. with the grand prize of $50 and the Runner-up is Luca Marchetti. Both parties put together a nice presentation the checker board base was a nice touch. Congratulations to both contestants.

Thanks for the contest, hope there will be others like this one :slight_smile:

Thanks man :wink: