Cube Dodge

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I last posted a project. I’ve decided to stick with a really simple yet fun game. Try it out and tell me what you think. If you find any bugs or glitches, please let me know so I can get this working right. Feel free to post your best times up here! I’m working on a scoreboard so it’s easier to keep track of your best times. Have fun with it!

To play the game, simply move your cursor around the screen trying to dodge the coloured cubes that fall towards you. WARNING: The longer you last, the faster the cubes start falling!

Good Luck!

I’m not sure why, but sometimes the game will randomly end, even if there are no cubes onscreen.

Also, I recommend, once the game has ended, displaying the final time instead of just suddenly ending, so people know how long they lasted. Also, the cubes often fall waaaay outside the camera view, it’s worth only spawning them so they’ll be inside the frustum.

Finally, maybe slow them down, but spawn them much more frequently? that way its more about maneuvering the mouse around the cubes, and not so much just twitching out of the way. That one’s totally up to you tho.

Nice game, good luck : )

Great idea love the concept!

But like Captain said, the game just randomly ends. For me, it lasts about 3 seconds…then dies.

But don’t let that discourage you! Keep it up I’d love to play a working version of this game!


I worked on the game, obviously… because it’s an update.
Yes the cubes rotate.
Yes the texture will change, it’s temporary.

Cheers and does celebratory dance

The cubes now spawn faster, fall slower and are harder to dodge then ever before (not including any previous versions)

Now when you get hit, your time gets displayed.

Try it out, report any bugs and tell me what you think!

P to play
Mouse to move.
It’s that simple.


306 seconds, it was awesome. 9/10 so WRAD!

405 good game

I like the simple idea behind the game! Also the cubes look nicer and are more interesting with the rotation.

And I have a few issues that might increase the fun of it further:

instead of the standard mouse pointer, you could use a custom mouse pointer that fits your design. Do a search on BA, there are tutorials how to do that :wink:

the game is still too easy and monotone. I didn’t notice any significant change in the first 300 seconds of play. A steeper increase in falling speed would be nice.

more variability in falling speeds of the different cubes would make things harder and more interesting, too.

All the best,


A cursor that’s confined to the game window would be good. LOL

Hellooo: Thanks for trying it out, glad you liked it

Cihanahitabe: Thank you

Zapman: The custom mouse pointer is a good idea, I’ll work on that one. Yes, I do admit that after a while the game gets quite boring. At the moment I’m working on various additions to increase the excitement of the game the longer you last. Thanks for all your ideas!

Alienkid10: Haha, yes. I realised this was an issue as soon as I started. I’ll work on that.

More updates are on the way, so stay tuned!

Another idea to increase the fun value might be making several types of falling objects, not just cubes. (But if you want only cubes, then alright…only cubes).
Simple, fast, and colourful; a great combination for any arcade game. Keep it up!

it needs be more interesting, and harder. I got bored at 100 seconds. add more variety.

I really lov the original concept :slight_smile:

Good work TheWilkie :smiley:

Ha. Pretty cool game. My highscore is 632 (I got board!) Couple of things that I think would make this game great.

Power ups (need I say more?)

an objective(mini games work good if they have an objective, other than survival)

different lvls with scaling difficulty.

Keep it up

calebR: Thanks! I’ll definitely consider adding some other objects!

mcguinnessdr: Im working on it, thanks

Ninja Goliath: Thank you!

Excalaberr: Thank you. I’ve been messing around with different additions to the game. I just need a bit more tweaking and I’ll add another updated version. Power ups is a very good idea. I hadn’t thought of that!

Fantastic game! The concept is so simple, but very fun=D! And I also thougt about power ups (they will show up then in a cube bubble):
-A gun to shoot some bricks, but after 20 shots you don’t have any ammo
-a kind of a explosion, so every cube on your screen is going to be blown away, or explodes (explode modifier?)

  • A flame mouse, so your pointer is on fire and if you hit a cube, the cube just burns and nothing happens

just a couple of ideas! I do like to help if needed:) (modelling and animation)

Great game anyway=D!