Cube-face Renderer

Hi All.
I’m using an (pre-) open-source beta-release game engine called Dagon from that targets panoramic click games ala the latter Myst games. I’m somewhat of a beta-tester of the engine so this is only a semi-plug :slight_smile:

Making the resources is a pain though and I’ve created two addons (2.64a) to help me. Both could be useful for general rendering utilities.
These are my first programming exercises within Blender so vets might cringe at some of my implementations. There are also features I’d like to add that are beyond my ability right now.
Some notes particular to both addons:

  • The ‘Dagon Project’ folder normally has a sub-folder called /Resources/Video or /Resources/Nodes. If not, it will create them (I believe) in whatever folder you select.
  • I’ve tried to add compatibility for non-Windows OS (mostly path issues), have no feedback yet on whether it works…
  • Both addons don’t show the renders in progress, you have to watch the system console (see View->System Console.) for feedback. I posted for some help on this, no responses.
  • I can’t remember if you can abort or how it handles it…sorry
  • I see no reason it won’t work with Cycles, but let me know.

The below image pretty much covers the operation.
Some things to note:

  • Ignore references to KSconvert or ‘Bundles’, those are utilities specific to Dagon.
  • Camera manipulation is all done with code. I attempted to snapshot and recover all settings manipulated by the addon.
  • Sequence out is name string plus ‘000n’, where n starts with 1 and ends with 6, respective to the (seemingly standard) N,E,S,W,U,D order.
  • ‘N’ is normally defined by Blenders +Y direction. I’ll have to return and add details for odd-ball renders like upside-down or tilted, can’t recall exactly what I did there.

My dropbox: sorry, don’t have a better permanent upload location. (suggestions?)

The second addon is for making spot videos (intended for cube-face overlay, but I believe still useful elsewhere)

  • Unlike the Nodes addon, this does no pre setup. Everything must be set up manually
  • It uses the Border render command, which I can’t find a way to automate so for now you have to do Ctrl-B.
  • Output can be either numbered image sequences or videos. I jigger the border size some to comply with codec limitations for videos, but leave it alone for image sequences. AVI raw is intended for post-process work.
  • It uses whatever animation and render settings you have setup, including frame rate.
  • As an aid for game programmers, the x,y coordinates of the upper-left corner of the video/images is displayed (relative to the upper-left corner of the camera, and a reference image is also created and saved with the coordinates and cube-face it is intended for.
  • For animations intended to overlay cube-face renders, the camera must be preset to that cube face and FOV of 90. (ie, whatever you just rendered with the MakeDagonNodes addon)
  • To make a single image, choose PNG or TGA and an animation length of 1.
  • Like the ‘Nodes’ addon, cube-face orientation is aligned so North is +Y direction.


I’m surprised nobody is interested in cube-face rendering any more, used to be a lot of people asking about it and several plugins. (2.49 era)

Hey shadowphile, meant to drop by here and say great work on the cubemap renderer! Starting to get back into all things Dagon again and this is soooo handy - Dagon it, it’s good! :stuck_out_tongue: