cube falling off the scene

I’m trying to get my character(mesh as a child to armature) collide with a big building so i changed the physics of my character to dynamic. But when i started the game engine,it kept falling out of the scene even though i have a static plane below it. i tried to increase the gravity but it didn’t help.I even tried making the character a child to a cube and changing this cube’s physics to dynamic but with the same result,just in different direction and speed. How to stop this from happening?

The reason would be is that no matter the physics type of your mesh it would still inherit the ghost physics type from its parent, the armature. You can just set the armature’s physics properties to be “Dynamic”, not its child’s since that would have no effect at all.

i did what you said but it didn’t work


problem.blend (648 KB)

Ah, you had set both of the objects to react with collisions. What you should do is set the child to ghost, and the armature to dynamic. Here: problem.blend (630 KB)

thanks a lot…i never could’ve figured that out on my own