Cube Foolery

Um… yup… that pretty much sums it up


good looking rendering

but can you explain how you did all the texturing and mat
to get this result?

it looks like almost transparent ice - is it what your where looking as a texture ?

happy blendering

I saw a really amazing picture of Halite (raw earth Salt) it has the most amazing effect on light. i was just fiddling around with a raw cube trying to get the sameish light properties. This turned into multiple subdivisions and extrusions. The only texture is a marble at 12ish turbulence and .08 size.
there are four lights within the cube which give it the mild colors, outside there are two lights one soft blue the other white. i have AO running 16 samples.
There is ray trans, IOR 1.544 (halite) and SSS using marble settings and again 1.544 ior

thats really rather cool.

it’s very strange looking but nice

is it possible to upload file to share this materials

may be hsould upload to material repository i thin that;a good one
mind you you alos have some special light effect in there too !

like to see effect on other colors too

or PM me the file

keep up the good work


i tried to repeat steps following instructions

but i got an horrible results

i want even show it it’s so bad !

got bery bad dark reflections on it even if all normals are out !

happy blendering

Heres the blend for all your blending joy


cubits.blend (897 KB)

wow it took a long time to render this one and there is only one in scene !

did you by any chance use the discombulator to get teh shape on this cube ?

the material is a lot more it’s using some mapping in map out panle also
and you did add some NOR to the texture

but it gives a very nice looking texture - don’t really undederstand it right now but it’s a nw one for me

if you find other like that let us know

thansk for sharing

I did all the modeling by hand.
Tedious… :slight_smile:
It does take a little while to render, depending on Cores and ram.

I think ill keep this thread rolling, add to it other material tests i find my self doing. I think i have more fun fiddling with mats than i do actually making anything… the trouble is raw shapes are kinda boring…

did you check the 3D repository for material

there are lots’ of differentent mat texture tht can gives some idea n how to get the mat right

good luck

I just enjoy fooling around with things, I know someone else has already worked out the mats for pretty much everything… half the fun of learning is discovering for oneself :yes::spin::yes:

Attached is my first attempt at quartz, i think it looks a little too pure for its own good.


Sigh… still not what im after, trying to get it a bit more milky


Milky seems harder to achieve than i expected.


there should be more mirror for faces

and increase the size of the sphere it too small to reflects a lot

may be add to it some higher extrusions to give more reflections

also instead of doing only one spike do like a geod - a 3/4 sphere filled up with extrusions of amethys

keep up the good work

Some really nice results on here. Im pleased your keeping the thread rolling. Im pretty new to blender and while im doing okay with modelling… texturing is proving to be a real pain. Keep up the good work though man.

Quick quartz segue
did i mention i love blender? im pretty sure it is the most fun i have ever had learning a program.



there are good pic of it for amethys stone

but it’s a bit more complciated to do but should be very nice to render

you cold also begin to learn to do it with Yafaray you could get even better render!

good luck

more doodles shapes and spheres


Does Yafray 32 bit work with blender 64 bit? Why in the world did they drop support for yafray, it was so much easier when it was built in… …sigh.

New cube extrusion… im kinda having fun with this sort of thing… each version seems to have a bit more depth to it.