Cube Game Project

I started this project one week ago… :slight_smile:
And here is the video of my Game Project sorry for low quality :slight_smile:

Tell my how it looks for you…:slight_smile:

What are the objectives? Enemies to avoid? Setting and back story? …?

Looks interesting at first glance. Good luck. :slight_smile:

In the first sectors it will be more for a thinking and sure there will be enemies and guns :slight_smile: Thanks…

This is nice, but… in my opinion, be more original, because a lot of skill platform games like Portal are going out for any reason (I don’t know).

And there is a current project by an user of this community that probably will think that is a try to copy his game (Swap).

But only telling you, if you enjoy developing it, continue with it, the only way is enjoy when you develope a game!

I didn’t hear about that game and you are right I must be original…Thanks :slight_smile: