Cube Game

The 0p 1337 n00b and I made a game that {almost} conforms to the cube contest guidelines
It is very short, but it is finished!

here it is!

sorry for the bug, I fixed it and reuploded again!

I downloaded the game and it didn’t work at first, I just kept dying, then I changed the material name kill_me for kill and the cubes started to die and I realized that the idea is to kill the cubes and to avoid having to many in the board.

I must say I found it really really entertaining and really really hard.

It’s a great job, It’s all a game should be: Entertaining and challenging.

I would love to do some art and give the bad cubes hair and stuff XD
and maybe give a sword to our hero.

keep up the good work.

One of the most entertaining blender games I’ve played :slight_smile:

Game creators take note of this game!!

It’s ridiculously simple yet very addictive :slight_smile:

My only crits are, that it would benefit from shadows. As its hard to tell where they are falling. Also only allowed 3 cubes on the board?? A little bit too difficult at first. Maybe build up to 3.

As in, the first level you can have 6 on the board at one point, then after 10 cubes it’s the next level, but this time you’re only allowed 5 etc.

Everything is grey! Make the players cube red (or any other colour) :wink:

Also at one point I only had 1 cube on the board, and one in the air but i’d just launched two which were over the edge, but it said too many cubes!! So maybe set up a parameter so that as soon as it leaves the bounds of the plane that it isn’t counted.

Check the first post for non bugy version.

The game is meant to loosely follow the cube contest guidelines, hence the lack of color and detail.
The 0p 1337 n00b and I are done with this game, but you may feel free to make your own version and post it here. :slight_smile:

i used the link but the file is gone. can you make a new link.

Not bad, but little. Make more for best rating.

P.S. It ARTWORK Finished Projects, not for game (or i n00b?).

this game goes to the game forum section. But first let me try the game.

I can’t download it. Did you move the file?

Sory about messing up the file again! It shod work now.
@refresher: sorry, I posted this in three places: this thread, in the cube contest thread, and here in the games section(where it belongs)

please continue the disscution here (in the games section where it belongs)

I have reuploded the file and tested it so it should work.
@people who have allredy downloaded it: I removed the music folder be cause the music dose not work.