"cube" generated textures in cycles

In blender internal, the mapping “genrated” has several options. The deafult is “Flat” and you can change it to “Sphere”, “Cube” or “cylinder”.
In cycles, Texture Coordinate generated node generate the texture in the deafult “Flat”. What if I wan’t to generat it from Cube?

Any suggestains? I’m stuck with a scene because of that.

you can unwrap using any of these

Not a good solution. as I need to do it (or link) to any new object with the same material.
But it is something…

I think you can recreate any direction and/or position based UV map with nodes.

For cube for example, I think you would need to have the size of the object manually input to keep things at the right scale and use separate and combine RGB nodes to rearrange the axes so you get the relevant axes to be red and green; then for each of the 6 directions you scale and offset the position coordinates of the two axis used so they fit the way they should; then you check which of the directions the normals are closest to and use that to pick which of the maps from the first step to use. (I might have missed some steps, don’t got time to test this right now, lemme know if you’re stuck at any steps)

I’m not sure if this will work right if the object is rotated though; you might need to use drivers to get the object’s rotation and do some heavier math to get the 6 directions to rotate with the object.

Too complicated. Simple option in BI can’t be simply achieved in Cycles?

WHy is it too complicated to UV unwrap your meshes?

What can be easier as to use UV Project modifier in this case?? Same texture, easy adjustable size, any amount of objects, any sloppiness in unwrapping allowed…Yes, you would have to push U once…

I meant I didn’t understand Tiago solution.
It’s not too complicated to UV unwrap but it can be a lot of work with multiple objects. anyway, nevermind. I can work with this. I just thought…

My suggestion was because I thought you wanted to recreate the mapping behavior via materials; there are probably some easier ways if you loosen up the restrictions on the methods used.

I agree, Cycles really needs this. I’m not talking about a 400-node workaround either, it needs cube mapping(and sphere, and tube), plain and simple. This isn’t about the difficulties of UV unwrapping, this is about NOT having to unwrap at all.