Cube Map demo

At last here is a first proper cube mapping in BGE. Done it with help from Dalai Felinto (dfelinto).
For those who want to make fast, and easy to setup reflections and refractions.
Things yet to do:

  • make it work for rotating objects (done)

  • add an animated normal map for water demo. (done)

CubeMap_Blender_OriFix.blend (317 KB)


done also as part of Twilight 22 project (announcement HERE)


RealCubeMap.blend (318 KB)

What? This is in the BGE? This ain’t a raytraced reflection?

Dang Martinsh,

That’s beautiful, and it even worked silky smooth on my ATI card! :smiley: Even works with animation…

Great work, again!

Nicely done Martins. I really liked the result. Congrats :smiley:

As I told you I will enable an option to output EnvMap/CubeMap from the dome mode. Therefore we will be able to “bake” animated EnvMaps :slight_smile:
(I wasn’t that excited with this possibility for the lack of cubemap support “out of the box” in current GLSL mode).

Works great on my ATI card with mac drivers. Good job Martinsh.

Impressive, congratulations.

well technically yes the reflection is raytraced, but baked into a cube map.

Hmm great to hear that it works flawlessly on ATI cards…

baking env maps in game realtime? that sounds awesome… actually that makes real reflection/refraction for cars or any reflective/refractive object.
Also baking envmap in game would be a nice feature, currently it is possible to render it raytraced, and it usually looks different than seen in game.

btw I will also try image based lighting with this technique.

great to hear it works also on Mac`s

Thank You!
I really love your works, especially your line art :slight_smile:
Some works little reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli films :slight_smile:

I’m new to Blender and have some questions about the scene.

I’m curious about the lighting. To me it looks like it is baked lighting that has been applied through a material. But I can’t see the material. So this makes me wonder if it was baked by the GE sort of like the Source or Unreal Engines.

Will we be able to use this Env Map in materials with stencils? For example like water puddles on a muddy earth texture?

Looks fantastic.

It looks amazing! But it would look even better if you baked them so that they reflected each other too!

here is something more interesting.

reflection_refraction_fresnel_aberration.blend (432 KB)

That’s strange, the first file worked perfectly, but the last one just shows white objects… Is there something I should have done to make it work?
Anyway, congratulations for your work. :slight_smile:

Works for me! That is sweet, you should make the camera move a little slower in the demo.

Both demos look great. Can’t wait to use them for car chrome and headlights. Maybe a few milk bottles as well :slight_smile:

Hi, the demos are real nice, but I found out, in the first one, that if you rotate the sphere, like making it a rigid body, the cube map also does as if the scene surrounding it were rotating too, isn’t this not supposed to happen?

yeah, im currently working on that one…

You can bake EnvMaps in Blender, but not in game itself (yet)

umm, well yea if you know GLSL coding :)… but i hope someone will hardcode or fix this is Blender itself, so you can access it through Blender Materials.

Edit: srry for double post. I`ts really late here…

Wow this stuff is freaking awesome i cant stop looking at it XD O.O Can you post any tutorials on making this please? And good luck with those to-do’s

Looks very good, both do!

If you wanted to use the video texture plug-in for this effect in real time would you use cube maps or reflection mapping with the reflection camera tracking to the player camera? I imagine that doing this in real time would be processor heavy so the one camera method might work best.

Nice work with the reflection - this also worked on an integrated Intel driver. The refraction one didn’t though.

Very nice. Especiallly the distorting one and the reflections.

All are working with GeForce Go 7600 (about 4 years old) at very good frame rates. :slight_smile:

Using Vista 32 bit.