Cube modeling challenge (VOTING OPEN! SEE PAGE 30)

(SterlingRoth) #1

it seems that blender is losing more and more of its limitations, but sometimes having limitations can push creativity. so let’s take it back a step or two. try modeling an object, any object using just cubes. some ground rules might help to further limit you.

  • use only cuboid shapes, you can scale them to long sticks, or squash them to flat boards, just keep them rectangular(or square) .
  • use 10 or less cubes.
  • the ground plane is free
  • you can rotate them any way you’d like, but they cannot intersect each other.
  • default grey materials only.
  • keep the lighting generic, AO and soft lights are fine.So to get the ball rolling, here is a tank:

If you think this is a stupid idea, feel free to ignore it. if you think it sounds like fun, give it a whirl. it wont take long, i promise

EDIT: due date is now saturday the 17th at 11:59 pm. voting will commence after that and the winner will recieve: a glowing sense of pride at his accomplishments! :slight_smile:

(Blendiac) #2

Funny you should post this just now… I just finished modelling a robot based on exactly this idea for the game I’m working on! (features are overrated anyway! ;)) Just pretend that the ends of his antennae are cubes. :slight_smile:

Now if someone wants a real challenge, try modelling something organic with just cubes. I’m going to just wimp out and post Robbie.


(SterlingRoth) #3

nice, although i was thinking no textures, but the model is great. he looks pissed

(Blendiac) #4

Lol! He’s one of the enemies in the game, so yes, he is. Here’s that mesh again without the textures and some pretty bad lighting. I really must get around to reading that 3 point lighting tutorial some day…


(DichotomyMatt) #5

Behold Cubezanne.

(Mr_Magooo) #6

Uuuhh Cubezanne looks scary, she has that mad look, as if she is going to take revenge for all the things done to her.

I hope mine doesn’t go on a rampage when he has his head back.

(Jurgen) #7

Cool challenge, here is my blocky dog2

This is called “you are doing it wrong”

(DichotomyMatt) #8

@Mr_Magoo: Cubezanne is upset because there are not enough cubes allowed for her to have a cool body like your block head guy, LOL.

@Jurgen: The dog is great but violates the 4th rule.

(riko-kun) #9

My little something: cube-car

Later on i might contribute something better.

(Pixelvore) #10

My day was soooo boring that I found some time to blend uselessly, as I use to… Here is my attempt at modelling a tower, quite cuboid, I have to admit :slight_smile:

Btw, nice idea - fun, fast, though a little bit crazy… :smiley:
(Jurgen, your donkey would be nice next to my “tower” :))

(Spectre-7) #11

Everyone’s used a wheel-barrow, but have you ever seen the less popular original version? Edit: Just realized that I totally ripped this idea. Check out The M.h.p.e.'s original (and stunningly beautiful) version here -->

…and I broke a few rules on this one, but I wanted to post it anyway.

(DichotomyMatt) #12

Fun with cube weapons. Each model is under the 10 cube limit. Sword, Mace, Handgun, and Shotgun:

(SterlingRoth) #13

tada, now your guy has a place to sit after he gets his head back, mr magoo

(Mr_Magooo) #14

Hey, thats cool, he will be glad to have a place to sit, i bet he is tired after all that running.

And DichotomyMatt, Cubezanne has you in her blocky grasp. You are obviously her slave and providing her with weappons for her revenge.


He finally got his head back and after some resting on mexicoxicans chair he is able to celebrate his victory

(blenderman345) #15

I thin you gave some awesome entries. Keep it rolling

(free_ality) #16

Hey, can we go more than 10 cubes? Thats alright, but I dunno… Id like to go a bit more complex :smiley: Im definitely gonna try this out…

(SterlingRoth) #17

i won’t burn you alive if you ignore some of the rules, just think of them as guidelines. have fun

(free_ality) #18

Thank goodness, I do have a fear of being burned alive. Great thread, thanks man!

(Spectre-7) #19

He’s lying! AAAAHHHHHH! Put it out put it out put it out! SOMEONE PUT THIS FIRE OUT!


(RobertT) #20

Fun idea :slight_smile:

Attached is one from me.

I might do some more.