Cube modeling challenge (VOTING OPEN! SEE PAGE 30)

(RobertT) #21

Another one attached below.



(Mr_Magooo) #22

Ok, i cheated a bit on this one, but he needs something to sit on.

[![ pics/10blockbot%20thinker_thumb.png]( pics/10blockbot%20thinker_thumb.png)]( pics/10blockbot%20thinker.png)


Ok, im honestly scared we got the same idea to the same time, you posted your thinker while i was posting mine.
This is scary!!!

(DichotomyMatt) #23

@RobertT: You just made Sisyphus’ task so much harder.

Here is a warm fuzzy one from me:

(TimH) #24

Hey guys, I thought this thread was pretty cool (!) and wanted to contribute, funny thing is that this is the first model I’m posting to the forums, even though i’ve been working with blender for quite some time now… I’m not too good with lighting though so its the best I can do for now (wish I knew how to do AO)… as for the model, he’s a pretty mean character, his name is punchy :smiley:


(Hobo Joe) #25

I broke the cube limit by two, because I felt I had to have the ‘face’ to make it clear what I was modeling.

(for those that aren’t familiar, it’s the hunter, from Half-Life 2, EP2.)

(SterlingRoth) #26

nice hunter, i saw it right away, good job

(DichotomyMatt) #27

Techx and Hobo Joe, your models look ready to ruble.

One final cheesy entry from me tonight:

(On this one I just had to break the default grey rule.)

(Here it is by the rules.)

(Awk34) #28

A hand.

(SterlingRoth) #29

dig the enterprise, very nice

(Spectre-7) #30

Hmmm… not as creepy as the twin thinkers above, but I was still a little surprised.

(DichotomyMatt) #31

First the two thinkers appear. Then out of blue I model the Enterprise, shortly there after Awk34 models a Hand, and you Spectre-7 model the Vulcan hand sign. That is weird, may be extreme contemplation of cubes unlocks the mind’s second sight.

Blend long and prosper!

(Spectre-7) #32

There’s only one thing to do during a major psychic confluence like this… buy lottery tickets, of course!

(TimH) #33

Here’s my poor attempt at the space shuttle… I also used perspective to my advantage by removing objects from hidden areas and added more detail in others… kinda funny to use the word ‘detail’ in this type of challenge though lol :slight_smile:


(jbarrantes) #34

Complexity you’ve never seen before…

(Audacitor) #35

[NOTE: Image is being held on my strapped-for-space web server. I’ll delete it in two weeks (May 24th)]
How about an iMac?

(dEspadas) #36

First render posted on the forum for me!
I totally digged the thread, but I guess I got a little carried away. :smiley:
As you see, I bended the rules a little, hope you guys don’t mind…
…and hope you like. :slight_smile:


(Chainz) #37

Something simple :slight_smile:


(SterlingRoth) #38

i dig the variety of people in yours despadas, some slight changes in scale can make people look really different

(MABB) #39

The sears tower of chicago. If it must be simple, make it simple.

(Blendiac) #40

@dEspadas - I love it!!! (even if it breaks the 10 cube rule like mine! ;))

I think we need to have a community created “cube film” to rival BBB. Heck, we’ve already got half the modeling done. grin.