Cube + Modifiers

I like messing around with modifiers. Usually with the default cube.

You posted this in critique, so I will assume you are asking for advice on what to improve on? It looks pretty cool, but I think it would look cooler with more detail and complexity, or maybe to be part of a bigger image.
For detail you could for example put textures on the bug flat areas with a glossy effect to it.

Thank you for the response. I’m actually not sure what I want. I have many “artsy modifier based works” like this one. (some are more complex, some less) I like the way they look, but I don’t have a professional eye yet so I’m looking for critiques. Your comment are appreciated and will consider them in the future.

Well if you have lots of them, maybe you could challenge yourself to make a complete composition with all of them together, and make a super blingy wallpaper :grin: would look awesome with some depth between the objects in 3D and maybe some cool focal length based blur?