Cube museum

That’s right, my newest image which took over 3 days to render

Won’t be updated because of the long rendertime.

ok, I hope this won’t offend you in any way

BUT WTF 3 DAYS TO RENDER THAT??? I really hope you’re joking…since I do not see why it should take 3days to render even with a steam powered computer…

you probably used AO…for absolutly no reason at all…

anyway…I have nothing else to say on that…

except that this isn’t worth of 3 days of waiting…

I absolutely agree with X-WARRIOR, but on the other side, considering the amount of nonsense you used in the render… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sorry if I offended you. As to the image itself, if it a museum, how would people get closer to the cubes to admire them if there are no stairs or something? :stuck_out_tongue:


No AO what-so-ever, it’s just that a lot of objects have some reflection and/or refraction and the main lighting used a 16 sample area light.

Me thinks you could have achieved the exact same result, and more faster, with different lighst that area light. Area set on samples 16 is slooooow.

As the image goes, well, it looks like texturing rehelsal, nothing too special IMO. I wouln’t have waited for 3 days.

True, I did use it as an opportunity to play with textures as well.

nice %| .

It looks like you have used a lot of cubes and put them on shelfs. There is a lot of lighting and it took a long time to render.

intresting way of testing textures, but really what did you need an area light with 16 samples for?!,you could of got the same lighting effect except 6 times faster using a lamp, spotlights dupliverted around an icosphere and a hemi

Basically the lighting scheme is an area light for the main illumination and then sunlights with no shadows to prevent things from being pitch black.

The idea is all right but,

like said, the area light isn’t doing anything for this. The shadows are barely visible and look like normal point ray shadows (the area light is probably too small). Seriously, a slightly colored spotlight (z-buffer) and 3 hemi lamps could get the same look in less than an hour. just up the res and samples on the spotlight. Also, lower the energy on the fill lights (I usually use hemi instead of sun but thats not really important).

Also, try using another texture layer for the wood, the grain as it is right now is fairly distracting.

In general, its always good to try a z-buffered spot(s) FIRST. If at all possible, stick with that. If there is no possible way to get the look you’re going for without raytracing, use a z-buffer light. It truly does make your life easier. If you want soft, global shadows, search for the duplivert fake gi dome method, it still works well, I actually like it better than ao most of the time.

This isn’t a bad picture, just not worth 3 days. pick your battles, just upping the samples insanely high isn’t the best way to improve a picture. I’d like to see your next version.

Um, I already destroyed the blend. file so I can replace it with something i’m throwing together for the WC since it completed early today still giving me about 2 days to put together an entry.

Did you destroy it due to the comments? :x

Oh well.

Post us your new entry soon. :slight_smile:

No, I simply saved over the file with the progress of a new image. I destroyed the file before I even posted this topic.

I love the rocky cube on the 3rd shelf down, right hand side. It had a rough, stony surface, with chunks and divets missing.

You should post a step by step on how you made that one…

The modeling of that one’s a piece of cake, just subdivide a cube a few times (or fractal subdivide with the random thingie at default level), go into proportional editing mode, select a verticie, pull it into the cube, then select another one and do the same thing ect. Then turn on subsurf for a nice look

i like cubes

So you could say you are a fan of cubes.

You and kansas have something in common. :smiley:

I could echo the other comments that for that quality of ouptut, 3 days isn’t really justified. But then it depends on how fast your machine is and how heavily you subdivided the objects. For cubes, I would hope not too much.

I have seen a lot of your renders and some look good but mostly your lighting makes things appear flat. Like how hardware renders look. For indoor scenes, radiosity goes a long way and don’t fear AO, just use it wisely.

One other thing I noticed is that there aren’t shadows being cast where I expect them to be. Under certain cubes for example. The shelves seem to be casting shadows ok. Maybe that’s just the light setup but it looks odd.