"CUBE" part 3 - Knock Knock

Hi all!

This is the third and maybe final part of my little animation project “CUBE”

I got tired of doing a lot of models all the time so i figured I wanted to do something that didn’t include a lot of timeconsuming modelling and I thought that it would be nice to give the default CUBE a little adventure.

After a lot of crits I’ve now improved this part on two points, firstly: Short intro!, Secondly: Sound Effects!

All to make this third part better then the other two.

Follow this Vimeo link: CLICK HERE TO WATCH


i like it :slight_smile:
I’d be interested in how your animation workflow was. Because you only use very basic shapes as actors, is there any bone rigging? Or is everything animated via shape keys?
have you used the shaky cam py script at the end of the animation?

i like the subtle humor in the series. really nice :slight_smile:

Hi laune, thank you for your comment.

The CUBE is actually rigged with a bone at the front which makes it able to “look” around. To animate the CUBE’s movements I use four emptys that is parented along the bottom sides of the CUBE so that I can select one of them and snap the cursor to it’s place to rotate the CUBE around the cursor.

For the shaking, it’s all handanimated. : )

Very nice, I’ve been watching the whole series and I especially enjoyed this one

Yep! The best one so far. I don’t think you should stop this project. I am not saying that you should start another animation right away, but it is a nice stuff to come back to later, if you are in the mood.

Haha… Have you ever played portal? This really reminds me of it. great job.

Thank you M3ta!

[email protected] Yea I might wanna do some more episodes with this character but for now I kinda don’t know what those episodes should be about. So I have to figure that out first : )

[email protected] No I havn’t actually, but I’ve seen some vid’s and also played the flash version of it. I have to say it was the greatest inspiration source.