"CUBE" part two - Left Right Left

Hi all!

As some of you know I’ve started a new little project that’s gonna result in a couple of small animations. The first part is already done so it’s time for the second part.

CUBE part two - Left Right Left: CLICK THIS LINK

I got some crits on the first part that I should add more soundeffects to it and I couldn’t agree more. But I find it really hard to sit down and work with stuff I don’t enjoy doing so I just have to say I’m sorry but I just can’t do it.

Instead, just enjoy the animation and if you find the music to distracting, just turn the volume down : )


Haha nice :stuck_out_tongue: What will that crazy cube do next.

Why is something so simple so entertaining?
Again, awesome job.:yes:

ha! awesome, if you mastered the art of sound effects this would be epic

Haha! Very funny! Who needs to model a character for 3 days if you can get these results with a cube? (Just kidding, don’t get me wrong modelers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Any way, great work. The ending got me surprised, tought it would be different.

Very nice! Definitely entertaining. I didn’t like that I had to wait for… the duration of the actual video through your logo/the logo of the movie, but if you happen to make a bunch of short and sort of string them together it could be nice.

Sound effects would make this so much more fun!


Hi all! thank you for your comments : )

WAM Breaker@ Yes! I can really imagine how the animation would be with soundeffects. The funny in the funny parts would be increased by ten times. But I don’t only find it boring to make, I also don’t know where to find good soundeffects. To this point I’ve been using the site Soundsnap.com but there I have a limited number of downloads each month (only five, which I’ve used this month : ( )

so if anyone can please tip me of another good site I’ll maybe manage to give the next part that little extra : )

TheSambassador@ I was worried that the viewer would think just that, so I tried to make it more intresting by changing the title to fall apart and also add a new little sketch in the intro. I’ll deffinetly remove my logo completley and shorten the “Chapter” part. The title and the sketch may remain but be diffrent for each chapter (and maybe shorter as well).

By the way: Chapter three will be called “Knock Knock” and will be about how the cube acts when it meets a door (With some magical powers ; ) ).


check the links below the google search bar

thats really awesome, can’t wait to see the next one!

nice. but in the message at the bottom of the vid, you left out the “s” in series

very well done. the cube has truly a character

Hi again.

WAM Breaker@ Wow, thanks! It seems to be a lot of diffrent soundeffects there. Gonna look them trough and see if I can find the things that I need for the next part : )

blender3daddict@ Oops :stuck_out_tongue: fixed now

The rest of you@ Thank you. The next part will probably be up in 2 weeks : )