Cube projection a short image on a long mesh

I am making a simple road surface with a plane and an image texture from
At the default size of the plane, I project it onto the image in UV editing and got just what I need.
But the problem is, if I want to expand the mesh, like make it longer and wider, how can I keep the default texture size or is there a workaround?

Hi, @Harry_Vu ! It looks like you need to use a pair of new features introduced in 2.90: Correct Face Attributes and Keep Connected. They can be found under the Transform section of the Options menu seen here:

Here’s a video from the release notes wiki page showing it in action:

And here is a link to the manual page that covers those settings:

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

thanks @Hunkadoodle it works nicely as I wanted

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Glad I could help you find a solution!