Cube Run

Hi Blenderartists!

About me:
I finally know basically how to use the game engine, but I’m new to Python. I’m a 12 year old boy from Finland and I develop games as a hobby, and of course I love Blender.

I created a simple game like Stick Run, but you can destroy the obstacles and simple enemies by shooting.
For those who don’t know stick run, the character moves forward all the time and you dodge obstacles by jumping. The game speeds up when you get further. I will add it later.


Download ----> Cube (1.95 MB)

Spacebar: Jump
E: Shoot

The music is made by me, in Garageband.

If you download the game, please give me feedback :wink:

nice little game!

The bullet bug is most likely that you are using loc (or dloc) to move the bullets. -correct me if i’m wrong here-…
loc/dloc is “Teleporting” the object an distance every frame, so if the “teleporte-distance” is greater than the object that it is going to collide whit there is an chance that the bullet just teleport/go pass the object. An better way to handle bullets would most likely be to “Fake” em’ using an raycast that determent the hit object and an delay-script based on the speed of the bullet to remove the block that where hit the correct time (to get some bullet delay). - then agen, this needs some python.

I where never able to jump mid-air so have no idea’ why that is happening.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile: I’ll try to fix it tomorrow.