Cube - set solid render good, set smooth render wierd

I’m still going off the mentality of what I learned in the basic tutorials. I have a cube and 2 lamps. The set solid render looks like I would expect. But when I hit set smooth for the cube, I get unexpected results with respect to the light reflecting off the surface of the cube, which looks wierd/wrong. Once again, I seem to be missing some fundamental piece of information. :slight_smile: Why does it look like this when set smooth is on? Is this because you just would never set smooth for a shape like this, so the algorithm breaks down?

set solid:

set smooth:

My guess would be that the smoothing is like phong smoothing, meaning the “faces” smooth, but the edges, as compared to the rest of the scene retain their true form.

Just a guess… but I’d bet it’s close to the truth.

Try subdividing your cube a few times and see what happens. I’ve had the same problem before when I set cylinders smooth.

set smooth is supposed to be used on like spheres and stuff, not cubes. it is supposed to give the sphere a more smooth look like a normal sphere should instead of you seeing all the polys that make it up (try set smooth on a sphere, you will see…). is you make a cylindar with 25 sides or so and click set smooth , then click the auto smooth button it will smooth it so it looks like a pipe…(try it, you will see). this option shouldnt be used on a cube, basically what it does is makes light reflect evenly throughout all the faces and not be cutoff by the sided … hope this made sence. it just makes stuff look really smooth

Thanks for the tip about the cylinder frig, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I couldn’t get my cylinders to work right. :smiley: