Cube Sneak

OK the goal of this game is to get the green cube to the finish line (red cube).
If you do that you move on to the next level.
It is super basic, and i plan to make it look nice and make it better. But i just made this so fight through the poor graphics.


(sorry no screens :()


CubeGame.blend (504 KB)

i think that the game s an nice old idea, but you should improve the graphics and add new things just to make something , how can I say, “diferent”

Oh ya for sure, i made this in a very short while and i WILL for sure add more, cause right now anyone could make that. did you beat level 4??

Definitely, make it look better. Maybe give a bit of atmosphere to it? Or theme?

P.S. I beat level four. So you better change that file that says you’re the only one that beat it. :slight_smile: The goblin thing made me jump a bit though lol. I changed the camera to orthographic though, if that’s considered cheating?

Ya. i fibbed a bit, i needed people to think that i was the only one to beat lvl four, so that way they would try beat it and then get scared.
I will make it better for sure. Thanks.

[UPDATE] I just redid everything pretty much. movement is different, actually textures, created some saws, spikes and gates. I added music and some sound effects.
Here are some in game screens, it is GLSL. Trust me, it looks better in game.
Sorry no .blend, tell me what you think.


Pretty easy game. I the new version looks way cool. It took me 4 tries to beat level 4.

wow really? -_- lol

I beat it also… It just takes time :wink:

Bevel the cube… Then it will be perfect.

The controls are really confusing but I like the idea.

Ya its a VERY simple idea with an artistic touch. I am working on different controls because my brother says “These controls s*** the bed” So i am working on changing them.
Thanks for the comments.

aside from the backwards turning and moving, the biggest problem I saw was that turning could cause you to fail- I would recommend using cylinder or sphere bounds, so that if you turn and clip a corner you don’t fail.

Because of the turning thing, level 3 was hella harder than 4. I went ahead and beat it anyway.

Ya the new version has totally different controls. You click in the direction you want to go.