Cube to Sphere

I am doing a tutorial in which you convert a cube to sphere. How do I do this in Blender?

Here is tutorial.

An image says more than a thousand words:

EDIT: 2 things to consider …

  • Place your 3D cursor where hte center of the sphere should be after the transmormation
  • To do this your cube needs to be subdivded alread (duh) :wink:


It looks like the subsurf modifier.

Press “add modifier” in the edit buttons (f9), then select “subsurf”.

How could I have been so dumb…

Anyway, in the picture it appears object 1 is not a cube. Does this affect it? How much should it be subdivided?

Just subdivide a cube 3 or 4 times, hit the ‘to sphere’ button, set to 100 percent, click ok.