Cube to Sphere?

This may be super simple, and I tried to find it but failed, so forgive me if there is already a post about this… How do you transform one object into another? More advanced situations would be transforming into a werewolf or T1000 turning his hand into a metal hook or something. But is there a tutorial out there for something simple like turning a cube into a sphere through animation? Just so I could get a grasp of where to start…

For a cube to a sphere you use shapekeys (see attached). Set the base shape as the cube, add a shapekey and make the cube a sphere (Shift+Alt+S 1). You can then keyframe the shapekey value


shape.blend (119 KB)

Haha of course there has to be an tutorial of the exact example I used that I was unable to find for some reason… Thanks a lot! You’ve helped me past a huge hurdle!