Cube Warrior Puzzle Game

I made a puzzle game similar to portal.

YT beta announcement vid:

YT release vid:

Download link:

PLEASE leave a comment about how you liked the game and if it worked for you. It helps to know that someone played my game :slight_smile: However, I won’t be able to make any changes to it because I lost all of my files :frowning:
Thanks and have fun!

I like it just 'cause it was inspired by the cool Valve games I play!!

It being in GLSL I can’t play it. :\ But I like it none the less!

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

Look, its good for something that you are starting, but the game is way too buggy, I played for 20 seconds and the character was launched to space, the resolution is set to full screen, and it s terrible to see, I use a 1980x1020 resolution and when I open the game I see just is a small screen on the middle. If you dont know what resolution the guy that ll play your game ll be and you dont give the option to resolution change, put it on window mode.
Aniway, I know that you are starting and because of that you made a lot allready, the game is problematic, but if so far you managed to make this, you ll have a good future making games, keep up learning and creating and in some months you ll be abble to make something mutch more cool!
Keep up, and congratulations!

Hello friend,
Salba4 i am new here and i just want to know that in which software you are making this game. I mean i just want to try this software so please tell me something about this software. I like to make games for Online Games website.

The software is blender, as the title of this forum would suggest. Am I understanding your question?

could you just put the blend, i use mac and it won’t show up.