damn, this was really hard

anyone who can make this better ?

Damn, ztonzy. You’ve really outdone yourself! Incredible? Made in blender? WOAH! Photorealistic. …

Dude. You’ve gotta write a tutorial.

The only way I could beat that is if I REALLY put my mind down to it.

not bad try adding some color i know itll take a while but it will look great.!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

no way you did that in blender, is that a real photograph? God, i havent even seen MAYA do stuff this real!


admit your defeat stony.


noo…I even didn’t touch the Wire button…or applied any material…it is too tough for me !!!

I might have beat you… take a peek:

You might want to turn up the OSA a bit… hmm… and, and then subdiv a bunch, move some vertices arounda bit, AND THEN you might just then have a sphere!.. Great work… KEEP US POSTED! :wink:

thanks for all those nice comments dudes :wink:

WHOA!!! How did you do that?!?! :o :o
Please write a tute on making a cube :stuck_out_tongue:

OK seriously you guys are joking right… I mean its a joke.?!.? Right???

joking? LOL!
wow! great job, ztonzy!!!
that’s CJ mAtErIal :stuck_out_tongue:

edit:: here’s my attempt in making a cube… but i can’t beat ztonzy’s image, he’s so good :wink:


Yes, if ztonzy doesn’t make it into the CJ next time, we will all know the fix is in… :wink:

SO minimalistic. whew :o

Wow! You artists, are just too good. I know now, that I will never learn Blender well enough to do a cube that good. So, I have decided to start modeling in Origami.

Great, I’ve been working on a cube for over a year, you know, nights and weekends, at one time I’ve even contemplated quitting my job to free up some more time, then this comes along and dashes my hopes of being a 3d artist against the rocks. But I not going to quit, not when challenged with excellence like this.

Incredible work, but I think with some major modifications on my cube I can put together a presentable plane.

Thanks for sharing and God’s speed.


:o :o :o

TOO REALISTIC FOR ME!!! You’re lying!!! Not even Lightwave, 3d max, or any expensive programs can do that! I’m so jealous!


:o :o :o
WOW Ztonzy, man what a graet rendering i can’t believe
that you modelled that thing in Blender. The bevelling
is also great, very well done.

C’mon give us a higher Resolution !!! Please

You’re da Blender Masta !!!

Hey hey, after a couple hours of work I made teh cube

In alll seriousness… this last cube posted is actually a nice looking image… No joke.