Cubeberry Cocktail [final&with shadows]

Hi. I’ve finished a picture of a Cubeberry Cocktail.
C&C wanted.

Btw I don’t like the currient trace shadows. I need raytraced shadows in Blender’s render:

there are raytraced shadows in blender’s renderer

No, sorry but there aren’t any raytraced shadows!

here is an example:
a little cube flying in the air - and there comes a cristall
–> the cristall doesn’t brake the little cube’s shadow!

Never saw those shadows in reallity! (I know of course Blender has no light-cautions)
The rays of the little cube’s shadows has to be broken, too, in my opinion.

You can make a little experiment if you take your table lamp and a glass-object and hold a pencil above it to see the pencil’s shadow braking in the glass and projecting on your table raytraced. :wink:

well sorry about this huge… post. Blendercoders, your work is great!

Looks pretty damn slick.

Then use YafRay.

I don’t like it. :-?
It’s lights are much more bright, and so on.

the term for what you want is not “raytraced shadows.” It’s “caustics.” You’ll need to use yafray to get them. If you don’t like the way yafray renders materials, you can make seperate passes for illumination (shadows and caustics in yafray) and color (in blender)

How do you seperate out the passes? I STILL haven’t figured it out. :<

turn them down then :slight_smile:

nice pic! the leaf could use some work. too shiny, straight-edged.

Nice, simple, very clean! :slight_smile:

No crits.


You could probably use spot lights pointed down to fake caustics on that glass’s shadow, it’ll look much better. :slight_smile:

@Kansas: I got that Idea, too… but I need some time to make it just a little realistic :wink: