CubeGod's sketchbook

Apparently inactive sketchbook threads get locked… who could’ve guessed?
Anyway, here are some sketchbook entries… I would put them in the WIP forum but they’re such a small sub-part of the actual project that the sketchbook seems like a better place for them.

Anyway, I’ve got plenty of work left to do, really not happy with the skull shoulderpad either so I should redo that one

Oh yes, it may be possible that you’ve noticed that I really rather like the viewport AO glitch that I’m abusing (probably a Z fighting issue, looks like it at least)

And another update, very subtle proportion tweaks and detail additions… you probably won’t even notice them.

And a slight improvement, just some minor detail additions.

More details. actually pretty happy with this skull :smiley:

I might have mentioned sculpting earlier, but then I remembered that I’m abysmal at sculpting anything that isn’t made of metal plates or stone chunks so I scrapped that and polymodeled everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I think all posts get locked after a period of inactivity, but I also have seen several reopened, so I think a mod or admin could do it.

As to what you have here, nice work! Like the detail in the modeling.

Thank you, I try to keep the detail reasonably high.

I don’t really care enough about having my old sketchbook thread revived, it was really rather empty with just a few test renders anyway.
Here’s the last update I made before going to bed yesterday, this time with a pink matcap because why not.

The model is finally nearing completion, soooo many skulls T_T
Trivia: That’s the sixth shoulder skull (some can be seen in previous WIP renders), it took 6 %!#@ attempts before I was happy with it, all other skulls took 1 attempt on average (cape pins took two but there’s two of 'em so it averages out to 1)

that’s a cool one :smiley:
I think it may have longer legs, for realistic proportions, or shorter for more stylized ones, it is now “between two” (don’t know if it is correctly said)
but good job anyway

leg length is a bit iffy in general, there is no clear cut length that is just right.
For example, I am 6’5, my mother is 5’2 yet we have the same leg length, just one example of something that just doesn’t work, another would be an old friend of mine, he’s about my height but has really long legs, standing up we look about the same height, sitting down I look to be way taller than he is (Seeing that I’m a torso with feet and he’s a head with legs (exaggerated).

I’ll probably play with the proportions a bit to match them more to human anatomy, up until now I’ve been winging it and only really looking at references for detail placement on the armor (for the longest time there wasn’t even a body mesh)

And legs tweaked a bit, among a few other things.
Current tri count (un-subsurf’d) 94k


Here, have some shite materials, if you want a plastic lich king then you’ve come to the right place.

And I’ve rigged him, aside from some tweaking this model is more or less done until I can integrate it into the main project.

here, have a chainmail object of some sort or another.

Cool! I actually might have liked the original red armor though.

the red armor was just the red car paint matcap, not exactly renderable (it’d be neat if you could render with the matcaps but I wouldn’t know how to, the best I could figure out would be to recreate the materials).

Anyway, here’s another sketchbook entry:

Not quite done yet but it’s pretty much good enough to drop here, that’s a viewport render preview @ 10 samples
the light setup consists of one sun light (default settings) and three spotlights, at strengths 1000 (main light), 1250 (rim light). 750 (fill light) with one having a slight blue tint and one having a slight yellow tint, the rimlight has no tint.

I really don’t like my choice of a shiny material on the squigglies, it causes really weird reflections of the blue backing and I don’t like it at all.