Cubero Game WIP

Hello everybody, I 'm new to the forum post here more node already accompany the work of many around here a long time , I am also not new in blender . I’m starting to develop a game in the blender , your name is Cubero . I will talk a little about it.


The game’s story takes place in a planet located in a solar system consists of three Inhabited planets. The name of the planet in passing the Episode 1 is Quadrix . Each planet has in its interior a relic that keeps the harmony in that world . Ai the plot begins. After millennia of peace which was achieved through many civil wars, interplanetary and bloodshed , a great unknown evil arises.

The game has a plot that unfolds over the course of gaming (players will have many surprises) .

Who is used to playing Tower Defense knows that we do not control a character , but we set a great strategy in order that we can stop the enemies . But you will incorporate one of the inhabitants of this planet , his name names the game, CUBERO.



Strategy, Tower Defense 3D FPS.




Based weapons:

First Enemy:

Asset Portal:

Asset Door Sci fi (missing textures)

I apologize for my English, I’m from Brazil, like many i’m also independent developer so the update may end up taking a while.

And then guys, I’m bringing a small update of the already textured door.

I’m working both in logic and in the first scenario that is basically a tutorial. :wink:

Wow nice assets and very promising, keep it up!

Thanks man :)!

A large standoff with filter or without filter, that is the question!?

Looks cool! The 2dfilter gives a nice effect to the gfxs. Do you use BGE or UPBGE?

Hi man, thanks for the feedback, I am using the BGE still did not quite understand the use of UPBGE.


I finished the power Core (You will have to defend it during the phases), made ​​with retopology to give more details in the textures, still think about covers it in a ‘scene’, that is, a print and model in 3D.



Will explain. UpBge is a fork of the Bge. The current Bge have not being updated from some long time, therefor it still retains some bugs and slowness in some areas, that can make your game to run with slow fps even in some good pc`s. The BF code review was slow and patches was staying in the tracker catching dust! Therefor the devs decided to make a fork, a separated branch of bge. So the reason why you should choose UpBge is because its Faster in some areas than normal bge. It got new features and bug fixes. Its more clean and stable. The next upcoming version 0.1 will bring a lot more, that will make the game engine what it should being from the start! :slight_smile:

A small update, pieces leaving the Core when he takes damage.

A small update, pieces leaving the core when he takes damage .

Those are some cool looking assets, man :smiley:
Keep it up!

Thanks man :wink:

Now I understand, just download, I will do my tests.


I’m riding the first scenario , print an asset: Wall, the high poly model has 946 vertices while lowpoly only has 4.

Yet I will finish some details any update post here.

And then people bringing a great little UP started already creating the scenery assets and I discovered that I have the future that kkkk branch of the games, the tutorial stage is the place where Cubero will visit the facilities of CBcorps, there he will learn handling the weapon system.

I believe in making the rest of the phases and different places like deserts, cities, etc.


Remains to the roof. :wink:

Its nice, but needs a normal map or i just dont see it. :slight_smile:

Hey man, was working in the normal map, I do not have much experience with it but I’m trying to create something, update with normals.

As already said, I will still make a decent ground and create a roof.

i think for the type of game, visually normal maps are not so important, i actually liked more the style with no normals than with them, but thats just me. Hope to see a gameplay video soon! looks pretty cool.

Whats up man, thanks for the comment, the board staff is helping me a lot and I thank you. Regarding the comment, I think of leaving two options one with shaders and all these things for those who want another option and without normal maps without emit without shaders for those who have a weak PC. In both the graphics options are cool.

As for the gameplay, I’m ending some logic to test it and see if I can do what I long for, a dynamic gameplay!

And then people, after a few days more a game of UP, say the tutorial level is 50%. I also decided to model and texture the game’s main weapon say that it is already 80 % complete. Just as moving more in coding will be bringing a video to demonstrate the game’s gameplay is very good.

Assalt Rifle

Level Tutorial UPs

I’m also testing the intelligence of enemies. Also set some information about them:

The game counted on four types of enemies:

Runners: are those who are primarily interested in achieving the goal of the map that you are protecting, but if you meddle with him he will attack you. (10 in total)

Flying: Not interested in you and goes directly to the purpose of the map that you are protecting (Flying of course). (5 total)

Smart (Soldiers): These are much more intelligent , hide giving cover , own guns and has a secondary objective the goal of the map as the primary is to kill him. (Do not set the amount)

Boos: This is the head of the map, very strong and does not want to hear from you by going directly to the purpose of the map. (One map).

Cool, i guess now you need a spec map. :slight_smile:

Hey man, Unfortunately not know much about spec maps, then I will be studying a little more about it, but I thank you for your support.

And then guys, unfortunately I’m not so long to update the project because of the college, but today I am bringing some small refs:

Another Asset ready column for the level of the tutorial:

3D model:

Tutorial level of the enemy:

Animation enemy Runner 1, it throws this bone in the mouth:

And finally brought this very heavy GIF to give a taste of gameplay when you’re close to completing the shooting system first person will be doing a video showing what has been done already (it takes a while to start):

Great textures!
However I think you don’t need the outline shader. It looks somehow out of place for your of visual style.
Keep up the good work!

Hey, thank you for your opinion :D. I was fine in doubt between uses it or not, but we’ll see how it will be when you gameplay.