Cubes (longest render)

I was playing around with a cube and I came up with some kool stuff. But the render ended taking longer then any of my other renders. Basically, I subdivided the cube about 2 maybe 3 times. Then I got it into the shape I wanted it and subsurfed it 4 times. Then I gave it Raytraced textures and shadows. Put the OSA on 16 started the render.(No AO) I started it before I went to bed and when I woke up it was still rendering. After about 13 and 1/2 hours, it finally was completed. Rendered with blender enternal.

It is not one of my best pictures and I was just playing around when I made it just to let you know. Well, here it is:

cool :smiley:

I agree :smiley: . Just one question: Blender Internal or Yafray?



Nice and chromy, [email protected]!


Wow, that’s one hell of a long render! Looks good though…


Subsurfed 4 times!?
cube: 4 faces
subdivide 3 times: 256 faces
subsurf level 4: 65,536 faces for each cube!

10 cubes: 655,360 faces piped directly into the blender internal RAYTRACER

Next time, lower the subsurf level and put “set smooth” on instead, you will get better rendertimes. Maybe try playing with the octree resolution if the scene was large.


Nice cubes, but those shadows are way too dark!