cubescape v2

sexy isnt it :3


That is pretty cool. I like the glow of the center yellow light a lot. I’m guessing you used a displacement map or something to control the cube heights?

i displaced a plane and added a cube on each vert

I have got a new wallpaper :slight_smile:

if you guys like that i have a first render of another one im doing that has cubes in it the final is almost done but here is a sneak peak :3

Nice. Simple but well executed. New universe: created :slight_smile:

The second one looks like a city! Like it!

edit: lol i had to take the pic down it made the whole browser lag here it is

it is 7200×4800 and 22MB i made it that big so i can have it printed on a 36x24 inch poster MUAHAHA
it took 4 hours to render :confused:

I think it would look even better if you introduced some more cool colors just to get those extra values and colors in there to balance out the picture, food for thought, it looks good :slight_smile: I am absolutely obsessed with the clarity of ultra-high-res pictures by the way so I found your latest entertaining to look at

cubes dont like to be colorful :3

touchè :3:3

some cubes do… just not my cubes XD

This could work well as a wallpaper :wink:

i think i have seen you on deviantart :3