Hi everybuddi!

I’d been following Blender for years, first interested in the game engine, before I learnt to program.
Unfortunately, the interface had always scared me.

Then a while back I came across the cube competition, and felt inspired to get over my fears.

Below are the first 3 things I’ve ever done in Blender, all cube-based naturally.

I’m aware none of it is technically mind-blowing, but it was a great way to learn the interface, which I’m proud to say I now know and love more than the voices in my head want me to.

So yeah, don’t feel like you have to say it’s good or anything, I just really wanted to share and say thanks for everything, and who knows, maybe I can contribute towards the dev one day.

P.S. The room scene is rendered using Indigo, because I’m useless at lighting.
P.P.S If you feel like it, criticism is totally welcome.


I like it irony in the protesting of no more protesting

Thanks for the reply! Glad you like the protesting one… I’m sick of having to dodge protestors on the high street just to get to Thorntons and my lovely awaiting ice cream.

…actually…i like 'em all…and the cube challenge was great wasn’t it…stimulating …and uniting …enjoy

I like it very much, it has great potential, along th lines of the Clayman game

second ones rendered really well

I think the London street with the red double decker bus would’ve taken a lot of cubes:)

I like the second, even though it was rendered with the make-perfect-render butto…I mean Indigo.

Thank you all for your kind comments, I was seriously scared to post my first work, but it’s turned out rather well, ta.

The cube challenge was amazing, I couldn’t believe how much you could convey using just 10 cubes, it overcame years of laziness in an instant.

And yeah Cyborg Dragon, Indigo is a life saver for 3D ignorami like myself.
I find it easier describing a scenes lighting, rather than modelling it, but I’m getting there (ambient occlusion = friiiiend).