Cubic-Engine: Make your own world with BLENDER!

Cubic-Engine is a sandbox style game were the user can create is own world by placing objects in an empty area . After is world created, the user will be able to place his avatar, enemies etc. Note: the world will always be editable.

For more information go to : (for now it is kinda empty)

Important: Even if the game is very well started, it still unstable and because of that, I won’t post too much information. :stuck_out_tongue:

Important note: to be able to play, your computer must be able to handle GLSL.

Fan Art link:

Are you looking forward the game or do you want to help ? For now there is some things you can do:

1: Following the blog.

2:Posting comments


Its as simple as that!

Change Log

2011-04-29: Because of I decided to change the name to "Cubic-Engine". 
2011-04-30: First Banner and also first fan art made by a cool guy on another site. 
2011-05-01: Cubic-Engine will also be in french!
2011-05-12: Thanks to the burster plugin, a smaller version of the game will be available on the blog soon! 

Note: the world will always be editable.

You mean the final-user will be able to edit the world even if the creator does not want to?

Good luck with your project

Yes, that’s the idea.

there is a game that is like you are thinking.

It will be different.

Seems a lot like Roblox and Minecraft. Good luck though!

Because of I decided to change the name to “Cubic-Engine”.

Created a banner in 5 minutes.

Also a guy named Joonaqwe made a fan art banner :

Added a support guide (available on the blog and on the forum)

It’s an interesting project. If you want a bit of constructive criticism, pull the sidebar out a bit - it’s too small for the text (to the point where it’s a little un-readable). Also, you may want to post some screenshots of what the Cubic-engine actually is - there’s only one screenshot on the website, and it only shows that you can place cubes.

I can’t post more screen-shot because, for now there is only the editor. I want to make this game easily modifiable (which is not easy with the logic bricks system). When the editor will be ready for the alpha (when the GUI will be done), I will append the character system (It is mostly done) and then post more screenshots.

About the site : the sidebar is now readable.

Because my first language is french I decided to develop Cubic-Engine in English and in French.

Here’s the french site :

@dberube4 - Okay. The site’s looking better. It sounds like an interesting game concept. I want to see how this plays out.

Bump for no apparent reasons.

Extra information; I’m working on the menu but I can’t get a good result (posted the picture on the blog). Any idea?
I also added an extra screenshot…

Don bump son

Small update.

Thanks to the burster plugin, a smaller version of the game will be soon available on the blog!

Finished the portable version (still 10 mb).
I will release it when the HD version will be ready!