cubism - glow

Hi all,
Yes I know this is not real cubism but a pun on it. Anyway this was a test with radiosity…or faking it. The whole thing took maybe half an hour. Comments and Critique needed.


I thought you meant glow as in you applied a glow filter to it in post pro, all I see is a solid white cube with aliasing problems.

Make a glow pattern on the cube and apply glow in the compositor.

The rest is not too bad though, I just want to see good improvement on the cube itself with glow.

Alright like this better? ^^ new attachment

I like cubism stuff!

I like this to be in the test forum. I’d like that a lot.

What he said

The glow radius could probably be 10 times bigger while making sure it doesn’t fully blot out the surrounding area.

yeah test forms would be better because 30 mins of work shouldnt really count as a ‘finished project’

–> test forum ;).
Did you use nodes?

It’s nice, but the power of radiosity comes in the diffuse-diffuse interreflections, which lead to color bleeding. I’m not sure that I see a lot of that, due to the fact that everything is B&W. Maybe put like 1 orange cube in there, that would be cool.

Good job, though! :slight_smile:

ya i know…and no i didnt use nodes…don’t really know how…LOL

its not that funny :confused:

I’d lose the glow.

Play with this a little. The concept could be interesting, but the lack of variation and uninspired composition are killing it.