cubist pumpkin

This is something I created tonight in Painter. It’s called “cubist pumpkin.”

I thought it looked interesting two different ways, so I’m posting two in different rotations :slight_smile:



Wow how did you make that??

Hi Maaat :slight_smile: Thanks. I just used some of the default brushes in Painter (oil / acrylic) and then went over with the glow brush on a couple spots. It was an odd idea but it was a nice mini-challenge trying to work it out. I have a Blender project in mind for something down the road involving a different subject but attempting a comparable art technique in 3D.


It looks like a evil octopus with tentacles I like the Idea maybe you can work it out in Blender :Z

actualy you are not doing a cubist work.

it goes more into something like expresionist.


Hmm… speaking of pumpkins, halloween is coming up in a month. I should try and carve that…