CUDA compilation error

Hello everyone,

When I compile Blender 2.6x, I get an error with CUDA binaries. :mad: Please help me! Here’s the log: (with scons) and the screenshot: (with CMake)…

Thanks in advance. Maxime

I can see that you are generating for shader model 2.1 ( from the line [82%]kernel_sm_21… )

the defaults in blender are too high for my machine, so i always have to edit the build settings for mine and make it say sm_12. i use cmake instead of scons so i don’t know how you’d go about changing that variable, but i just thought to suggest double-checking to make certain that you have the shader model that your hardware supports. this is just a shot in the dark I hope it helps.

Thank you for your answer and sorry for answering so late,
My 560 Ti supports Shader Model 2.1, and that’s the only one I compile. This problem didn’t occur in the past and it appeared suddently…