Cuda Cores


I am doing a rather intense scene in the blender cycles engine. This scene contains many hair strands.

However, When I switch to the GPU rendering system, there is always an error containing a message such as, ran out of CUDA core memory, or CUDA failed to launch. I have no idea why this is happening, I have a fairly decent PC, and I feel like i should be able to handle the scene.

I have and nvidia GeForce GTX 690 with an Intel-Core i7-4790K CPU.

I have no idea why this is happening and would appreciate a quick reply.

Thank you, :wink:

Most likely you’re running short of GPU memory
according to this you should have 4 (or 2?) GB on your graphics card. try to do a cpu render and check how much memory it requires

Hi, the GTX 690 double card share it´s memory, if it is a 4 GB card you can only use 2 GB for Cycles.
The system uses about 400 MB in GPU so you can even use 1.6 GB for Cycles.
You can try:

  1. Use your i7 GPU for display, all memory from GTX 690 is free for Cycles
  2. Use daily build from
    Developer had included many patches to save memory on GPU
  3. Use 1 + 2

Cheers, mib

Oh man I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake. I have the Geforce GTX 960 not the 690, I should have enough cores to do so.