Cuda error at cuctxcreate: out of memory! only wen i try to render on both of my cards?

Cuda error at cuctxcreate: out of memory!! only wen i try to render on both of my cards.?

i have a gtx1080ti and a gtx780, now they have renderd together in blender without problems till today ? :sob:
Now they only render if i just select one of them wierd right.
and the scene does nott matter i even get this error with the startup file , than is just a cube to render.
I hope its just something i overlook, just wierd they dont wanne render together annymore , use one of them 780 or 1080 , than they render every scene i have?

Anny idea cause i liked it wen i could speed things up and just select both of them under user preferences.

Had same issue some time ago (month or two) when updating drivers to latest. Did rollback and haven’t fiddle since.

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Hi there, so that could be it, i do update time to time, so what you saying i should rollback my nvidia drivers yes ? il wil try it thx , i let u know :wink:

Hey thanks Burnin :star_struck:, i did had to rollback 5 drivers for my 1080ti , the one that workt for me was


All drivers above that one failed, just one other question now this is solved :smiley: , what do you and me do now ? Never update driver again or just to go tjeck its works, if not go back to old one :thinking:

either that or use same NV cards or switch to AMD… or maybe it’s a Cycles bug
(didn’t test with other CUDA engines since for me, CUDA is becoming too expensive & too limited/primitive – non-economical - inefficient ~ useless)

Yow :grinning: yeah the one thing i did not update is blender , i do it from time to time , but you know its a hassle to get and set all those addons back , il wil try update driver and blender , maybe that way it wil work if all updated , but thx to you , this is now to test out , and i can go on with blender :ok_hand: :v: