cuda error invalid value in cutexrefsetaddress(null texreg cuda device_ptm(mem.device


I bought Asus Geforce 770gtx but I can’t use it. Anyone knows what this error means?

cuda error invalid value in cutexrefsetaddress(null texreg cuda device_ptm(mem.device_pointer), size

I always have that when building time is done and Cycles should start render the scene.

Thank you.

This sounds like you’re running into a texture memory limit. What does the render windows say about memory consumption?

And do you already use Blender 2.69? I remember reading something about a bug in previous versions of Blender that sometimes prevented CUDA from accessing all available video RAM on newer nVidia cards. This is supposed to be fixed in 2.69…

Hi designarch, what do you mean with

when building time is done

There is nothing to build, official Bender has prebuild render kernels for all cards.
Start testing with the default cube and Blender from

Cheers, mib.

No matter what Blender version I use I have this error. I rendered empty scenes without textures and it’s fine.
Someone said that it might be size of textures or links to it. My textures sometimes are very small and sometimes very big like 10000x1000, 10mb but I can render it with no problems.

I found it today that if I split my scene onto three parts then I can render each with no errors but when I add everything together I have an error again.

My scenes includes lost of stuff, buildings, people, tress and 3d grass. Before I was rendering on CPU and it looks like GPU is not capable to do that… or I don’t know how to do it. Nvidia 770gtx I have has only 2GB memory maybe that’s the case.

You’re running out of memory, plain and simple.

It’s not that simple because I have a lot of pressure on me :slight_smile:

I found a solution but it might work only for me I don’t know. If someone read this post maybe can find it useful.

What I have done, I smiled down all my textures and created standard size for all of them 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024. My main texture’s folder was a bit messy before.

Second thing, 3d grass. I used low poly grass join in one group and then spread by using particles. I deleted all and instead I used normal particles (path). Blender 2.69 can render it pretty easily now.

No more errors.