CUDA error: Out of memory in cuArrayCreate(&handle,&desc)

FINALLY I finished a exr pano I shot :slight_smile:

All excited I opened a work in progress and put the environmental textures in. It worked with the default cube, but gave me this error when when I used my project instead of the default cube when I used GPU compute.

CUDA error: Out of memory in cuArrayCreate(&handle,&desc)

It works fine in CPU compute, though it renders very slowly, but in GPU compute it shows a checker background, followed by this error. Is this a hardware issue, do I need more GPU memory (if such a thing can be added), or is it something else?

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How big is your scene, how much memory does your card have and which card is it?

You can’t upgrade the GPU memory, you would need to buy a new card.

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Hard to help when you tell us nothing about your system or what blender is doing, its version, or the resources its using.

A message saying out of memory, means not enough memory.

If you are low on memory on the PC’s memory then the OS (windows at least) will start swapping.

Step one would be to check your video card. Look up your card on this page.

If your card does not support CUDA 2.0 or later, there may be problems. Blender will “technically” work with a 1.3 card but some functions may not work or may throw strange errors.

See for more info.

Otherwise it’s just a matter of your scene being too big for the amount of memory your video card has.

Olesk from these forums has compiled some information on this topic. Read through

Thanks for your replies everyone,

Please be patient with me, I’m rarely sure where to post thread-wise and what information to include, if I was an expert, I wouldn’t need help.

Here is a the relevant info.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit English

CPU: Core i7 3770 (3.4GHz) 4 or 8 cores (the device manager seems to show 8 cpu’s)

Graphics Card: GTX670


Pano sizes: 895 MB and 203 MB ( showed the error on the small one )

Blender Model size: 24.8 MB


P.S. Thanks for the links powerst I’d be sad to find my video card is too old, and pissed at my computer store as I told them SPECIFICALLY that the system should be designed around working with BLENDR as it’s primary function.

P.P.S. If I should include includse more info, please let me know.

I hope one minds me posting this here, but I seems to be the definitive answer to my question and may be helpful to others.

I got it here, thanks to powerst’s above links.

Why am I getting “CUDA Error: Out of memory” when I try to render?Last update: Feb 9, 2013 @ 02:25
There are two reasons why you could be getting this error:

  • (uncommon) A bug in certain versions of Blender 2.65 gives this error for scenes that work on other versions. Try Blender 2.64or the latest build to see if that solves your problem
  • (common) You don’t have enough RAM on your GPU (VRAM). Try rendering with the CPU and see if that works. If your scene then works perfectly, you know this is the reason.

There are some things you can do though:

  • Watch your texture sizes. Try using smaller textures, or procedural textures in stead of image textures.
  • Simplify your scene in any way you can. I’d try excluding some textured objects from rendering and see if that helps you isolate objects that eat up the most VRAM.
  • If you have a built-in GPU in addition to the one you use for rendering (which is the case on most Intel i5 and i7 setups), use that built-in GPU for Windows graphics. It will shave off a couple of 100MB of VRAM.

I’m in the process of doing a test render using cpu compute which proves that my GPU doesn’t have enough VRam to render this scene.

I tried the larger background, at 890 ish MB so far Blender has seized and crashed every time with CPU compute.

Does anyone know a rule of thumb for background sizes? So far 203 MB seems to work just fine, but I’m greedy, I want all the resolution, and none of the crashing.

If nobody else has done it, I’ll start a thread, given W hardware specs x X settings x Y numbers = results

I have nothing to teach here, but I can record my results which may be useful and save others time. I decided to start a thread anyway “Rules of Thumb” Empirical results from Blender Artists"