CUDA error: Out of memory in cuMemAlloc how do i fix this error?

Hey! so ive been trying to render out my scene its small Heath from peakyblinders but when ever i render i seem to have this error:

but i am able to render with my CPU:

However i know for a fact that my card is a good card but dont know why i am not Abel to use my GPU

My spec:

Amd fx 8350 8 cores CPU
32gb Ddr 3 ram
RTX 2070 8 GB of V ram

not sure why though the scene has a lot of polly’s but shouldn’t my card be able to render it i have not even added any textures yet!

Rendering on cycles at 128 samples

Looking at the mem stats on screen, it only seems to peak at 2.3GB so yeah, I would of thought your 8GB card could handle that.

Apparently not enough VRAM. Check real VRAM usage with nvidia_smi.exe. Also it is just 8GB tiny RAM and everything counts against VRAM. Display, having other programs open, web browser. You already give up huge chunk by not rendering from commandline and open scene in Blender.

Are the buildings all the same? If so you can turn them into linked objects and save tons of RAM. If they are not you can optimize the scene by turning elements of the houses into linked Geo.

They are I’ve alt + D them and used them as instances isn’t that how they work?

Thanks man I shut it down now opened it and it renders just fine a bug probably!

Its working suddenly now !

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