Cuda error

cuda error at cuctx create: launch failed

This message pops up when i try to render. I suspect its because my graphic card doesnt have enough memory but cant be 100% sure. It failed after adding some volumetric lighting. After deleting the volumetics it renders as it should again.

I am using a gtx 1080 but my scene has some heavy particle systems. All help is apriciated:)

Sorry for posting in the wrong subforum but there is no sub forum for rendering, and i wasnt sure where to put it.

That´s it, either optimize the scene to use less memory or switch to CPU rendering instead.

I have a problem with overheating when using cpu. Are you talking about optimizing the pc`s system ti use less memory so that there is more memory left for blender? Or optimising blender settings?

I do have another solution that i have been thinking about, which is to make a copy and render the particle ssytem alone and then bake it onto the original mesh. Is that posible?

I saw there was a rendering sub forum, is there a moderator who can move the thread for me?