CUDA errors: why, oh why?


I’m trying to migrate to Blender and Cycles.

I did my last projects entirely within Blender and a couple of things made my life really hard.
None more annoying than the CUDA errors
CUDA error at cuCtxCreate: ILLEGAL_ADDRESS
CUDA error: ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuCtxSynchronize()

Are these system-dependent or scene dependent? What can I do to avoid them or debug my scenes? What’s to avoid (memory limitations…)?

Again, sorry for these generic questions but I’m really eager to switch to Blender (an amazing software, really!) and these are really retaining me to go all-in…

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi, can you please add your system specs?
I use Cuda all the time and these errors are really rare on my system (specs in signature).
May you check on latest daily build from, many bugs are fixed since 2.77a is out.

Cheers, mib

I have updated my signature! Is there anything missing there?

Out of memory errors are pretty common, but ILLEGAL_ADDRESS is most likely a bug.
Therefore, it’d be great if you could report it on with a file to reproduce the issue (if possible).