Hello everyone!
New with Blender, hmmm not really ( was working few months on my trashcan which’s drive me crazy a lot :D)
I’m planning to replace the trashcan soon with one of these

  1. iMac Pro 10core - 64GB - Radeon Pro Vega 64X with 16GB
  2. Building a powerful PC

But as I’m working a lot with Final Cut Pro X & Logic Pro X I might stick again with Apple :slight_smile:

My question is: if I install windows 10 or even linux as bootcamp on Mac, do I get the CUDA and OpenCL for blender?

One more thing, do I need more than 10 cores for blender with any device I will get?

Thx in advance! :smiley:

Just OpenCL. Cuda is for Nvidia gpus

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Most operations in Blender are single threaded for the time beeing. It can be interesting for rendering though…

Edit: Oh, and welcome to BA!


Hi and welcome to BA.

If it wasn’t for the Mac specific video editing programs you use, I would definitely suggest a PC for blender, and for a fraction of the iMac’s price. If you still can handle video editing tasks with your older Mac, then concider building a pc for everything else.

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Thx for answering! its good news for me… thx again :slight_smile:

So 10 core is quit good for rendering…thx buddy :slight_smile:

Yeah I have to stick with apple for video editing, and the trashcan is almost dead! last month I replace the graphic card witch’s cost close to 500$ :frowning:

For now as I’m almost new to blender the IMP will be good enough for me, bootcamp as windows 10 also will be very helpful as I can use the OpenCL, my main projects with video editing, and just want to avoid clients fights lol
But for sure my next step will be a powerful PC

Thx buddy :slight_smile: