CUDA render failure: blank image + error

Okay, I’m getting close to my wit’s end here. I’m trying to get GPU rendering with Cycles to work, and I’m getting blank renders in viewport and final render. Occasionally there will be some bands of purple and pink in the image, but no geometry etc. Blender is throwing an error that says: “CUDA error: Not found in cuModuleGetFunction(&cuPathTrace, cuModule, “kernel_cuda_branched_path_trace”)”. Cycles rendering works fine in CPU mode.

I know it’s not my scene, because I’m using the default startup scene file!

Operating system is Ubuntu 13.04, using Blender 2.68.5
Latest proprietary drivers are installed, Blender detects the CUDA device in the user preferences window.
CUDA toolkit is installed.
GPU is a Nvidia GTX660 Ti 3GB. This card should be more than sufficient to render with CUDA, right?

What am I doing wrong here?

Hi Ubuntu has very old driver in PPA, we are at 319.49.
Try to start nvidia-settings in a terminal to get informations about the driver.
You need toolkit if you compile blender yourself not for using Cycles on GPU.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried updating drivers to 319.49, but unfortunately the problem still persists. The only difference is I now get rainbow pixels when trying to render on GPU instead of pink pixels.

I have nvidia-settings open but I’m not sure what to look for?

Okay, I think the problem is related to the build of Blender I’m using. On a whim, I downloaded 2.67b from the main site and tried it, and CUDA appears to work.