Cuda Settings Question

For the longest time I have been modelling and rendering BI and Cycles (CPU) on a LinuxMint System. I haven’t been rendering with GPU for a while and I am interested in doing this more often.

In the User Preferences > System > Compute Device: doesn’t recognize that I have a Quadro.

In the past I remember solving the problem but I never wrote the solution down for future reference. If I remember correctly I am supposed to enable my system for “Cuda”.

Does anyone know how to do this?


From here:

“We support graphics cards starting from GTX 4xx (computing capability 2.0). Computing capability 1.x cards are no longer supported, but you may still be able to compile experimental builds with a limited feature set”

That would fit one from: Quadro Plex 7000, Quadro 4000, 5000, 6000; Quadro 600, 2000; Quadro K600, Quadro K2000, Quadro K4000, Quadro K5000, Quadro K6000.

All the rest of the bunch need specifically built Blender; you could see if has one for your OS (32, 64 bit, AMD, Intel?).

I got it to work with an NVIDIA app that I found on the Linux Software Manager. But thanks anyway.

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Hi, could you explain what you are doing with this “NVIDIA app”?
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