Cuddly Alien {WIP}

(shibbydude) #1

This is, of course, a work in progress. I was just wanting to test my modeling skills and experiment with subsurfs too. I generally have a good grasp on most of the physics; its the techinques that escape me. Going off on a tangent: now I have been working with Blender for about 2 years - loyaly following seeing as I am now 16 and very involved in high school. I would like some feedback - mostly techniques that would improve my other scenes that may be explained in tutorials made for an intermediate to advanced level (they’re hard for me to find). I mainly need help with organic modeling and a lot of help on texturing non regular objects - maybe UV texturing and painting being an area i know nothing about. Whew. That was long winded. Here it is:

(rogerm3d) #2

looks nice. Still could use some work but the main problem is the lack of textures, just colors and the tongue seems to stick through the teeth.
For tutorials go to and look through. Has a lot of great tutorials.

(Skates) #3

As a 17 year old blenderhead I can relate to the problems of a 16 year old blenderhead. Haha. Anyway, I just learned how to do UV mapping today and I still don’t think I know how to make it work right, but with enough effort, be sure that you can get some really nice models done with subsurfs. The model looks ok, materials could use work, and the lighting is nifty but gimmicky, halo effects really only go so far, you know. In this case it works pretty well but don’t rely on it too much. Overall nice though, good job. The toungue is clipping the teeth though, looks like.

(shibbydude) #4

The advice about the teeth is very good. I diddn’t see that. The page with the tuts I have visited already and most are dead links (thanks NaN).

Skater: Thanks for the props. It’s good to know that there are some other highschool blender fans. I’ll also try to learn UV mapping; I only need a few hours to do - it looks pretty easy, just tedius! Blend on.

(shibbydude) #5

here’s an update:

(S68) #6

Much better!

Still need a skin texture.

Shadows looks like mickey mouse silouhette. Is this subliminal :wink:


16 x 2 = 32 < 33



(Free Mars) #7

As a 29 year old Blender Junky I can tell you Texturing can be annoying. It is well worth the time to fidget with and try to understand though.

(pofo) #8

I would make the eyestalks individual. This would, I think, make it look more squiggly (that’s a new word for me, never used it before :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Also making the teeth slightly different from each other would look good I think.

  1. pofo

(denzombie) #9

Hey, is the shadow supposed to look like Mickey Mouse?

(DreamMaster) #10

Cute, but I think it’s too uh… mirrored at its half. You know what I’m talking about? You should put something or remodel one side to make it unquie than other side… no one is exactly same on both side! :slight_smile: Yes and too plain for color… add something more exciting than plain orange. :slight_smile: I’m 17 1/2 years old Blenderhead… and have been using Blender almost two year…and I’m female! :slight_smile:

Good luck and keep your great work!

(shibbydude) #11

thanks. I was thinking that it was too mirrored but it is hard to envision how it would be otherwise. I have moved on and kind of left this in the WIP stage now :frowning: so it may never get finished. And thank you DreamMaster - you’ve got some pretty great work too.