Culling particles?

This is an odd question to ask but I’ve ran into this once and I’m not sure I should be doing in this situation.

I have rendered this scene in Blender 2.8 using the Eevee rendering engine (I’m aware 2.8 is experimental):

But I’m needing to cull the fire that comes in front of the camera, I’ve partly done this by using a boolean modifier on the fires emitter object, however as the camera turns around you can notice the fire had abruptly stopped spawning for a moment before re spawning or you’ll notice that towards the end of the animation the fire is in between the model and the camera, obstructing the view momentary. I’m needing to find a way to hide the fire despawning/spawning and keeping it out of the camera’s way, but I don’t think my boolean method is what I should be doing. Any pointers/tips?

This MAY solve your problems, or it might not…

You can set how close to the camera and how far from the camera Blender can see. That’s the Clip Start and End numbers. It might be that with some careful tweeking you can just clip off the front row of flames.

Very interesting model, by the way.

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Alternatively to the method yogyog provides, should you need finer control, it can be done from the node material. In the Texture Coordinate input you can specify a different object (the camera here) for object coordinates. These you can use to make the fire render just transparent at places.